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Monday, November 14, 2011

Nevaeh's Hope Exchange

In Nevaeh’s memory my awesome friend Franchesca and I decided to name this whole Christmas card/ ornament exchange after her! :) It’s all about spreading love and hope around this bereaved community. Holidays, as so many have said are just plain hard.
If you’d like to participate in the card exchange please read over a few things below first…
- the sign up will be open until November 18th
- please mail cards no later than December 5
- this is open worldwide
- in addition to your exchange partner you can also choose to send the Ramirez family a Christmas card this year too. This is totally optional and they have no idea I’m doing this! :) That is, until Amy (her mama) reads this part! ;)
- you can send a Christmas card or a Christmas card AND an ornament, and you will be paired with someone who is sending the same
- ornament ideas here and here. Christmas cards specific to child loss available here.


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