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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday in Heaven..

I came on here today with no intentions of writing. I just wanted to read my posts and reflect. THEN I realized one of my most emotional posts wasn't published. I somehow managed to only save it as a draft :(  I think it was fate that brought me to that post....

Well the day I wrote it was Adam's Angelversary, and today.... Today is his Birthday. Today he would've blown out 27 candles (if the cake didn't melt first GOSH WE ARE GETTING OLD)!!!
I remember Adam like I seen him yesterday. I can still hear his laugh I can still see his smile. His Beautiful smile :) I miss so much about his friendship..  Rest in Paradise Adam.... You are forever my friend. Keep Audrey in your arms until I get there. I know you will teach her so much and she's safe with you. We love you! XOXO


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